Obama Less a Rat Than Formerly Believed, Research Proves

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Obama Filthy Murderous Scum Rat Dictator Contest was launched in 2012 by infowars.com who offered a prize to the best poster designed on the theme of Obama’s maniacal leadership.

Two years later, we now know that, scientifically speaking, Obama is not actually like a rat. Startling new research reveals a distinct contrast between the little vermin and rats. The facts now show that rats share the human capacity to regret their actions.

The Independent reported the scientific findings. I caught the unequivocal connection to Obama. :

Rats are capable of feeling regret, scientists say.

Rats are capable of feeling regret about their own actions, an emotion that has never previously been found in any other mammals apart from humans.

Researchers set up a test called Restaurant Row [a.k.a. second term in office] in which the rats had to decide how long to wait for food.

In the case of the American people, we had to decide how long to give Obama before declaring his leadership a total scam.

“It’s like waiting in line at the restaurant,” Professor David Redish, of Minnesota University, told BBC Nature News. “If the line is too long at the Chinese restaurant, then you give up and go to the Indian restaurant across the street.”

If the president is making a mockery of the country, you impeach him and go to the candidate with greater integrity.


In some cases, the rats decided to move on from one “restaurant” that offered nice food but was taking too long, only to find the next one offered a less popular dish. Less popular, but more morally and ethically sound.

Faced with this scenario, the rats often stopped and looked back at the previous restaurant and were more likely to wait for longer for something nice.

Faced with this scenario, the American people often stop and look back at the previous election and regret their choice in president.


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