Michael Moore Divorces ‘Spendthrift’ Wife; Takes Her Quilt

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michael moore4Michael Moore– –Who is he, really?

A Catholic who disagrees with church teaching.

An anti-gun activist who acquired a lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association.

An anti-capitalist who acquired $50 million and criticizes his wife for trying to dispose of wealth he condemns.

The answer is Michael Moore is a hypocrite.

According to The Smoking Gun:

With his divorce trial looming, Michael Moore is battling his wife over the valuation of the couple’s assets, while branding her a spendthrift who “unilaterally wasted a large percentage of the marital funds” building a lakefront mansion that has prompted mocking news stories about the activist filmmaker’s wealth.


Moore and Kathleen Glynn are scheduled for trial next month in a Michigan courtroom not far from the sprawling Torch Lake residence that the Hollywood power contends became a money pit that cost five times what his wife claimed she would spend on the home.


Glynn’s witness list includes experts who will testify about the value of Moore’s web site as well as the director’s “celebrity status and continued ability to earn an income.” Glynn produced several of Moore’s films, including “Fahrenheit 9/11,” the highest grossing documentary ever.


Michael Moore Mansion
This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to the bank.

Included among the nearly 300 items on Moore’s trial exhibit list are six stories published in 2011 about the Torch Lake compound. Each of the articles described the luxury residence, while some of the reports noted that the Occupy Wall Street supporter was living like a member of the “1%.” One story described the residence as “Moore’s $2M hypocrite house,” while another article’s headline declared that the director’s “Massive Michigan Vacation Mansion Beyond 99 Percent’s Wildest Dreams.”


While the couple’s combined assets are likely worth tens of millions of dollars, court records do not contain specific valuations for their property. Confidential financial documents, tax returns, medical and health records, and other sensitive documents are covered by a protective order signed by a Family Division judge.


In a series of demands for discovery material, Moore has sought a wide variety of documents from Glynn, including a “list of all vacations/travel from January 1, 2009 include the location, duration and all companions” and a “list, with photographs, of all quilts in your possession whether purchased, gifted, loaned or produced by you.” Glynn is a quilting enthusiast who operates a Facebook page called “The Daily Stitch.”

How about instead of paying lawyers to squabble over your millions, Mr. Moore, you donate the houses, the furnishings, any and all luxury items to the working middle class? Although, personally, I think you ought to let your ex keep her damned quilts.
THBby T.M. Burroughs


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