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Mexican villagers beat giant 25-foot snake to death with sticks



  • Villagers attacked the 25ft snake with sticks before cutting off its head
  • Residents in Benito Juarez, Mexico, feared creature could swallow a child
  • Conservationists hit out at the killing saying those who did it face charges
  • Some villagers blamed the snake for disappearance of young animals

The huge 25ft snake killed by Mexican villagers who feared the creature was so big it could have swallowed a child

A giant 25ft snake was beaten to death by Mexican villagers – who feared the creature was so big it could have swallowed a child.

Frightened residents also cut the head off the huge animal after it was spotted lying alongside a railway track.

Rail passengers raised the alarm after they saw the snake from their train as it pulled into the village of Benito Juarez, in a remote part of the southeast Mexican state of Tabasco.

Villagers, armed with sticks and one carrying a machete, ran back along the tracks where they found it attempting to slither away into the undergrowth.

Conservationist have criticised the killing and say those responsible could face charges.

But the villagers were unrepentant, saying they had a right to protect their livestock and themselves from the huge creature.

Local Nicandro Aguilar said: ‘I have never seen a snake that big, and it was clear that it was a danger to people as well is wild stock.

‘It could just as easily have swallowed down a child as a lamb or a calf. It was massive.’

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