Joe Biden Sent to Stop Illegal Flow of Children Over Border

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biden_sleepingBecause when you’re serious about solving a problem – you send Joe Biden out to put an end to it.

This is a riddle wrapped in a lie and packaged as a bad joke. Not only is Joe Biden for increased immigration, but honestly – what are they doing sending him to Central and South America?

What on earth could he possibly do there to stop anything?

The Daily Caller has the breakdown on Uncle Joe’s important schedule to save the Republic:

Biden will fly into Guatemala June 20, to meet with the presidents of Guatemala and El Salvador, plus a top official from Honduras, and to tell the 28 million people in those countries that they can’t migrate to the United States, a White House official said Sunday.

But the trip is merely for show, said one Hill aide.


“Anytime the administration sends Joe Biden to solve a problem, it’s clear evidence that the administration doesn’t see it as a problem worth solving,” the aide said, noting that Obama has not spoken in public about the crisis. “The president is sending Biden as a symbolic gesture to show they care about the border flow, whereas in reality their primary goal is to increase the flow,” the aide said, citing Biden’s recent call for increased immigration.


Numerous media reports say that many Central Americans believe Obama is informally offering them passage into the United States, and so they’re flooding northwards before the door is closed. The governments of the poor and violent countries that are producing the stream of illegals have little incentive to stop the flow.


If the poor and unskilled illegals get into the United States, they won’t be in their home countries where they might protest the local governments. Also, once in the United States, they’re likely to send a slice of their wages back home as remittances. Each year, migrants in the United States send roughly $50 billion back to their home countries around the world.


In fact, the president of Honduras won’t be meeting with Biden. He’ll be attending the World Cup in Brazil, the White House officials admitted.

So in other words, they’re laughing at you, my fellow Americans. And Joe Biden is the lead clown today. Here they come for their free stuff: Food stamps, college, ObamaCare and eventually Driver’s licenses and…. wait for it: VOTING!!!

50 – 100,000 new Democrat voters just got in this month – congratulations GOP – what are you going to do about it? Same as always – nothing.


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