Joe Biden Claims Iraq’s Outcome Belongs to Obama

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In February of 2010 Joe Biden went on Larry King and declared that the Obama Administration owned the success in Iraq.

I am very optimistic about Iraq. I think it’s gonna be one of the great achievements of this administration.

Sounds an awful lot like “Hey, it’s a success. We did it!” to us. Judge for yourself.

We’re sure the major media talking heads will have this video queued up for the Vice President or Secretary of State Kerry – or former Secretary of State Clinton – the next time they show up for some free campaign time.

The fact is, the Obama administration, and that would be during Hillary Clinton’s reign at State, couldn’t be bothered to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqis. That little oversight is the direct cause of the mess in Iraq today.

We’ve now got President Obama queuing up more US troops to protect our embassy in Baghdad and probably for some “humanitarian” reason or another while the butchers of Mosul march toward Baghdad. We’re not exactly sure who they’re going to be protecting, but it certainly won’t be Iraqi Christians who are being slaughtered by the Muslim terrorist butchers.

Our son’s Marine Battalion – 2nd Btn 4th Marines – had a big hand in stopping the butchery in Ramadi and they lost many great Marines in the process. When they left, Ramadi was more peaceful than any given weekend on the south side of Chicago. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have thrown all of that away. For that there should be no forgiveness, ever.

Mr. President, we hope there is a special place in Hell for you and for your party for all you’ve given away and especially for the contempt you continually show our fighting men and women. They are truly the best the nation has to offer. You and yours are not fit to clean their boots.


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