It was a tough week for the IRS Commissioner

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IRS Commissioner John Koskinen had tough week before two House Committees over the “lost” Lois Lerner emails. If there is a smarmier man in Washington DC we can’t imagine who it could be. Here’s a video summary of how he’s defending the indefensible.

First, let’s listen to the normally even tempered Paul Ryan questioning the Commissioner about the way the IRS released the information to the House Ways and Means Committee.

This is not being forthcoming. This is being misleading again. This is a pattern of abuse, a pattern of behavior that is not giving us any confidence that this agency is being impartial. I don’t believe you. This is incredible.

Next up is Kevin Brady from Texas making the point about the fact that the IRS has done everything possible to lie and cover up the emails related to the IRS targeting conservatives.

In response to a question about Lerner’s lost emails, Koskinen said,

“There is no evidence that any of those emails have been lost either.”“Mr. Commissioner, why at this point, why should anyone believe you? The IRS denied for two years targeting of Americans based on their political beliefs, that wasn’t the truth. They said it was a few rogue agents in Cincinnati, That wasn’t the truth. You said you were targeting a liberal organizations, that wasn’t the truth,” Brady continued.

And finally, we’ve got Dave Camp (R-MI) pointing out that the White House knew about the lost emails up to four months ago and the IRS is just getting around to telling the Congress.


Koskinen: No, as I told you…our original thought was to complete the Lois Lerner email production–complete the review of what other custodians (IRS employees) had a problem, and produce a report to you, laying it all out.

Camp: So why did the IRS inform the Executive Branch agencies, the White House, the administration, but kept it secret from the Congress, who was conducting an investigation?

Koskinen: “We were not keeping it a secret…

Yeah, right, Mr. Commissioner.

It’s looking like the IRS destroyed all of the evidence relating to Lerner’s emails. The House Committees are not likely to get anything from them at this point.

The big question is whether they will subpoena the Treasury Department, the Federal Election Commission, the FBI, and the White House for Lerner’s emails. Incoming email also should go onto a server for storage. Let’s check the receivers’ emails and see if those are “lost” as well.

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