ISIS Terrorists Rape Christian Mother and Daughter, Kill 4 Others

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rape1If Barack Obama is such a devout Christian he has a revolting and disgusting way of showing it as he stands by while Christians now are being slaughtered and brutally raped by ISIS taking over Iraq and other Islamo-Nazis around the globe.

The enforcement of Islamic laws allows and compels the rape of Christians by these animals – yes, animals – and what does Obama do about it? From AINA NEWS:

Mosul, Iraq (AINA) — The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has begun to brutally enforce Islamic laws in Mosul, Iraq, which it overran on June 10.


Dr. Sallama Al Khafaji, a member of the Iraq High Commission for Human Rights, told AINA that on Saturday, June 21 ISIS began demanding a poll tax (jizya) from Christians in Mosul. In one instance, ISIS members entered the home of an Assyrian family in Mosul and demanded the poll tax (jizya). When the Assyrian family said they did not have the money, three ISIS members raped the mother and daughter in front of the husband and father. The husband and father was so traumatized that he committed suicide.


“The Christians have told me that they cannot pay this tax,” said Dr. Al-Khafaji, “and they say ‘what am I to do, shall I kill myself?'”


According to the Arabic language website Alghadeer, four Christian women were shot and killed by ISIS members because they were not wearing veils. AINA has not confirmed this and this website is known to be administered by Shiites.

When are Christians in this country going to rise up and put an end to this persecution? Do you think it’s never coming here?



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