Inside the animal kingdom

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Stunning pictures from National Geographic photo community celebrating the furry, scaly and feathered critters we love the most

An old cat giving a piggyback ride to a rat; a baby elephant casting a forlorn glance at a departing two-legged friend, and a man feeding goldfish from a baby bottle.

Those are only a few of the extraordinary images that photographers from around the world have shared with National Geographic’s Your Shot community as part of an ongoing photo assignment titled The Animals We Love.

Meg Kumin, a member of the National Geographic, Your Shot community, captured an amazing shot of her cat named Sonic with Rosy the Rat on its back.

‘Perhaps Sonic was just too old, or too lazy to care about primal instinct,’ she writes. ‘Or perhaps, Rosy the Rat was too blind, or too naive to worry about fear. Or perhaps… there are no rules when it comes to love within a family.



Besides cats and cute rodents, rabbits also can make great companions, as Margherita Vitagliano showed with her photo depicting a man named Antonio lovingly looking at a grey bunny perched on his shoulder.

Julia Cumes came across a baby elephant that had lost his mother in a flood while documenting a rehabilitation and release program in Assam, India.

Cumes spent a lot of time getting to know the orphaned elephant. When it was time for her to leave, the photographer turned around to take one last look at her friend and found him standing on his hind legs and peering out the window at her.




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