How about those illegal alien kids that Obama and Cantor are so concerned about

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As you must know, there’s been a huge surge in illegal immigration, this time it’s kids as young as five who are coming being sent across the border with Mexico alone.  It’s a “humanitarian crisis” and there’s talk about disease outbreaks, supervision of thousands of minor children, and the whole discussion about what to do with them. That discussion likely cost Eric Cantor his congressional seat.

“But I have told the President there are some things that we can work on together,” Cantor said. “We can work on the border security bill together. We can work on things like the Kids.”

Cantor was referring to what has commonly been referred to as his “Kids Act,” which, as Breitbart News reported, would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants who were brought to America through “no fault of their own”–like many of the illegal immigrant children who have been pouring into the country in recent weeks.

The first question should be where did they come from and how did this happen?  How did the US government get blindsided? Actually, the government didn’t get blindsided

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) stated that the Obama administration knew about influxes of illegal immigrant children at the southern border back in 2012, but chose not to act in an interview that took place on today’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Perry said “we wrote the president on May 4, 2012 saying ‘Mr. President, we have a huge problem on our southern border with these children who are coming into the country, they are being basically released’ and this administration has ignored it.”

Two years ago the Governor of Texas told the administration that the flood of kids – looking back, it was a trickle – were coming across the border and there were serious public health concerns.  What did the Obama administration do?


We’re of the opinion that they did nothing because it didn’t serve their purposes.  A few kids aren’t a “humanitarian crisis,” and it takes a humanitarian crisis to take executive action.  Which is exactly what we’re expecting the President to do.

This smacks of the Bergdahl trade.  The administration was negotiating for his release and knew months in advance of the trade that they were going to do something.  They just claimed “crisis” and the President acted unilaterally, and in direct contravention of a law that he signed.

Here we go again.


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