Holy Cow! I Mean Fish!

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I don’t know about y’all but I love fishing! Actually its kind of funny, when I’m hunting I love hunting the most and when I’m fishing I love fishing the most. Oh well, what are you going to do. Anyways check out the fish this guy caught. Nice!

warsawcatchA Houston resident will soon have his name etched high in the Louisiana record books for a massive fish he hauled in last weekend.

On Saturday, Cullen Greer caught a 297-pound Warsaw Grouper while next to an offshore rig in 500- to 600-feet of water. The exact location was about 35 miles from the end of the Mississippi Delta.

The grouper was 6 feet 6 inches long and 6 feet in girth. Greer said he reeled in the lunker after about 30 minutes using a live bait.

According to Greer, the fish will be the third largest Warsaw caught on a hand crank in the Louisiana record books.

Once verified by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, the Warsaw would be the fifth largest ever caught. The overall record currently stands at 359.1 pounds and was caught in November 2008.

My family and I spend a lot of our time outdoors (if it was up to me it would be ALL of our time). We hunt and fish together, and I believe that is one of the many reason why we are so close.

Send me your pics of the fish or wild games you have caught. or Some of the great places you and your family go to. I would love to share them here at Joe For America. Send pics and stories here

Hope everyone has a great day!

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