History Teacher Suspended For Teaching History

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Want to learn how to be a better person?

Want to learn how to handle different situations?

Want to learn how to make the world a better place?

Read History.

Unfortunately, the powers that be, know this too. That is why they either hide it or pervert it.

Alan Barron was placed on paid leave nearly two weeks ago after an eighth-grade history class at Monroe Middle School was shown a video of how white entertainers once used black face paint to imitate blacks, according to The Monroe News

The teacher in question was explaining that “back in the day” white men would smear their faces with black polish to portray a black man. Obviously we (in this day) think that is pretty silly. Why didn’t they just hire a black actor?

This is a great lesson for kids to learn. How ignorance, can hurt an entire race and country. Children need to understand what true racism is, compared to what Al Sharpton always cries about.

The parents think that Mr. Barron is a great teacher. One parent said:

Adrienne Aaron, whose daughter is in Barron’s class, said he simply was teaching history and that racial segregation is a subject that should be discussed with students.

“It had nothing to do with racism. History is history,” Aaron told the newspaper. “We need to educate our kids to see how far we’ve come in America. How is that racism?

“It’s so sad this has happened to him. He’s one of the best teachers we’ve had.”

It is very important that we preserve our “true” history.

Those who do not remember the past are DOOMED to repeat it…

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