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Hillary Clinton takes heat for speaking fees


We all know that the Clintons are dead broke. Heck, they’ve got multiple million dollar mortgages. Chelsea was going to really pricy private schools, just like all middle class families. Bill and Hillary have to scrape to get by. They put themselves out to travel to faraway places with strange sounding names to give speeches just to pick up a few bucks to keep food on the table.

This week there was a big flap about the former First Lady and likely 2016 Presidential Candidate going to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas to give a speech. They paid her $225,000. We want to be honest here, we’re jealous. We’d walk to Las Vegas for a $225,000 speaking fee. We also have no issue with people getting paid to do legal stuff, and we really don’t care if they paid her a million bucks, other than we’d be a tad more jealous.

That said, the fit hit the shan when the speaking fee was made public.

Hillary keeps going out of her way to try to relate to the middle class. And to poor people. To everybody, in fact, except the socioeconomic group to which she and her family are firmly members – that would be the dreaded 1%. Here’s a clip of the controversy.

We do enjoy watching hypocritical Democrats (pardon the redundancy) being hoisted on their own petard. As we’ve noted before, we’re pretty sure if Hillary does decide to run, her poll numbers – just like Teddy Kennedy’s in 1979 – will peak on the day she announces.



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