Flag on the Play as Left Spins Las Vegas Shooting

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The killers in Sunday’s Las Vegas shootings, Amanda and Jerad Miller, are just turning out to be the Left’s fantasy murderers.

After dozens of high-profile mass killings in which the suspects were clearly straight-down-the-line libs, the Millers came along with a twist, depositing a Gadsden flag at the scene of their murders of two police officers and spouting some nonsense about starting a revolution.

The blog Raw Story claims to have found postings by the Millers on Alex Jones’ InfoWars and other conservative sites, and the Millers apparently made an appearance at the recent Bundy Ranch showdown, though it appears they were given the boot by the real militia people who were there.

So now the media, led by professional outlets like Reuters and cut-rate agitpropists like Raw Story, are working overtime to make Amanda and Jerad Miller into full-fledged representatives of the Tea Party movement and conservatives in general.

Time out. There’s a flag on this play.

Specifically, the Gadsden Flag.

There’s also a mostly overlooked manifesto (there’s always a manifesto) with a swastika on it that was left at the scene of the two dead officers, according to officials familiar with the crime scene.

If not for the lingering effects of public schooling, the cognitive dissonance of those two objects — a Gadsden Flag and a Nazi Swastika — being anywhere near each other would have jumped out at anyone being made aware of the facts, even notoriously slow reporters and editors.

SCUTYXXWhen exactly the Gadsden Flag was created is open to debate, but the symbol of a rattlesnake on a yellow background with the motto “Don’t tread on me” first entered the history books when Congress commissioned the Alfred as one of four ships for the Continental Navy, and some of a contingent of Marines who enlisted for a mission to intercept a British ship loaded with arms had on their drums the Gadsden symbol, complete with motto.

An anonymous letter writer (probably Ben Franklin) to the Pennsylvania Journal in December 1775, calling himself “An American Guesser,” speculated on why the rattlesnake might be an appropriate symbol for America, noting that rattlesnakes have sharp eyes and could therefore be considered a symbol of vigilance. Further, he wrote, “She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. … she never wounds ’till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her.”


The flag gets its name because it was presented by Christopher Gadsden, a colonel in the Continental Army and member of Congress, to Esek Hopkins commander in chief of the Navy, for use as his personal standard. The flag is also sometimes called a Hopkins Flag. Gadsden also presented the flag to the South Carolina State Legislature.

The Gadsden Flag has served as a symbol of the Marines, the Navy and countless generations of proud Americans. As such, it has become the unofficial symbol of the modern Tea Party movement, which seeks to honor America’s history by restoring its greatness, as represented in the Constitution, the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the renewal of free enterprise and individual liberty.

In other words, both the Gadsden Flag and the Tea Party represent everything modern liberalism is opposed to, that’s why the Left makes up such scurrilous lies about the Tea Party and conservatives on a regular basis.

Now consider that Nazi Swastika that adorned the killers’ “manifesto” at the Las Vegas crime scene and everything it stands for — statism, government control, loss of liberties, boundless aggression, racism, violence, scapegoating of innocents to further the grip on power.

Right there in a nutshell you have the modern liberal movement, which is always dividing people by color, gender, ethnicity, religion and any other category it can come up with. Liberals make a loud noise about “helping” the victimized while pressing for programs that ensure everyone is a victim and that everyone hates everyone else so that we don’t ever compare notes and discover who the real bad guys are. The liberal worldview is designed to keep your head spinning till you don’t know up from down, good from bad.

Which is why the Left is so successful at divorcing itself from its own history, which is replete with racism, from founding the KKK, to pushing a program of eugenics against blacks and “poor” people through abortion. There was a long list of wealthy American liberals who cheered on Hitler in the 1930s. Many of the names are the same ones that today appear regularly in the credits of PBS shows — names like Rockefeller, DuPont, Hutton and Morgan.

There have been countless books written about how the same clusters of wealthy liberals sponsored both the Communist and Nazi movements. (Such books are almost always condemned by the Left with the worst label they can think of, “conspiracy theory.” The reason the Left wants you to disdain and avoid “conspiracy theory” is that so much of it is about modern liberalism.) Even today, the communists and Nazis vie to stake out territory in the ideological Left. Recall when both the American Communist and Nazi parties came out in support of Occupy Wall Street, striking a rare common chord.

Today, the Communists have the edge, having sympathizers installed throughout Congress and the White House, so we hear the Nazis badmouthed by the Left and used to scapegoat conservatives. If tomorrow the Nazis took over the Democratic Party, or Hollywood, then the story would become that Republicans are Communists. (Some liberals already believe that.)

The Millers may have gone to the Bundy Ranch, posted on all the conservative sites in the world and dropped a Gadsden Flag at the crime scene, but I can assure you they were not with us. Everything they believed, especially the racist scapegoating and the contempt for human life, screams Left wing. Pretending to be conservative just to make conservatives look bad? That’s a lib thing, too. Anything to tear down “the enemy” — it comes straight out of the Alinsky handbook.

I don’t know if the Millers could have been agents of some sort, or set up by the current government. It’s possible.

But what they definitely were was hangers-on to conservative groups, outsiders who didn’t really buy into the groups’ principles and who didn’t really “get” what the people they tried to hang out with were about.

Another thing the Millers definitely were was monsters.

The showdown at Bundy Ranch was about free people standing up to an overreaching government to protect their rights. It was very much an embodiment of the American spirit.

What the Millers were about is slaughtering innocent people. Those officers may have worn a government uniform, but they were just a couple of guys dedicated to protecting the public taking a doubtless well-earned lunch break.

But the Left is going to work hard on this case to try to make it look like it’s about the Tea Party and conservatism in general.

That’s because liberals really don’t want you to recognize them in the Millers’ faces.


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