Son Puts Father’s Dream Car in Garage . . . at Last

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Father’s Day isn’t until next week, but this precious video cannot wait.


A young man made a promise to his father when he was an 8-year-old school boy. For years he held that promise in his heart. He set up a “1957 Chevy for Dad” fund. He shopped the vintage car ads. He rejected some jalopies as unfit. He passed on others as too expensive.


Neither the selfishness of adolescence, nor the priorities of his teen years shifted his focus away from getting Dad that ’57 Chevy. After all, his father’s a worthy man; a worker and provider of humble means; a role model in stealth mode, detected by his adoring children.


Years passed. And then, right on time, the conditions are right. The car, with its flawless aqua and white paint, immaculate upholstery, vintage bench seats and classic tail fins meet up with a now grown 8-year-old dreamer who gifts his father, sporting the same haircut and a slightly bigger belly, with an out-of-reach possession. But more importantly, the son returns the gift of respect and affection to his father who had doled it out for years.


That makes two generations of real men. Watch:

THBby T.M. Burroughs

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