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Exodus to the Obama Promised Land


central2Do you blame hundreds of thousands of people who are on their way from Central and South America to the land of the free? I don’t – it’s great here in America.

Anyone who still thinks this is some sort of aberration or coincidence is naive at best and a smiling and lying Luis Gutierrez at worst.

The word is out: Run, walk, or hop a train for the border and the great and powerful Barack Obama is going to let you in without a cover charge or two-drink minimum. You will soon be an American and folks – that ain’t bad.

If I was stuck in some rat-hole in Guatemala and heard the Wizard of Oz took over the City on the Hill and was handing out free green cards – I’d do everything I could to get my kids there. And so would you, friendo – so do me a favor and quit bitching about these refugees or whatever they’re classifying them as and put the blame where it belongs: King VitaBama.

You know, and I know and Luis Gutierrez knows this whole thing was orchestrated from the get-go and is part of the bigger plan to give Republicans – and Congress as a whole – cover to pass an Amnesty bill.

Let me say that again: You are watching Amnesty. Listen to Uncle Rodney: A-M-N-E-S-T-Y.

boehner-mccarthyDon’t believe me? Just wait a couple weeks after Kevin McCarthy has settled into Cantor’s still warm Majority Leader chair and start yapping about a “solution to helping these children…” It’s the law, you know – helping children who show up at the border. And who cares who’s with them, they must care about children too, right? Or be somebody’s cousin or something. Yeah, that’s it. Dreamers – that’s what they are.

And the drug dealer’s working the border who no one is paying attention to at the moment? Field Day!

I’d call for impeachment, but I don’t know who to impeach first. Where is Boehner? Seriously, where is he? Why isn’t the Texas National Guard on the border dealing with this? It’s an emergency, right? Well, not a real emergency, since the DHS requested “child escort services” for 65,000 alien kids back in January. And BLAM! They show up right on cue – damn those DHS guys are intuitive, eh? But back to America: This place rocks – doesn’t it?

central3Where else would people hear that the doors were open – drop everything and high-tail it for Texas, risking their children’s lives and leaving behind their wonderful *gulp* culture, possibly never to return?

Until they make some good American cash-ola, that is.

The thing I’m curious about is what will history say about Barack Obama? I do know this – they really shouldn’t put me in charge of the history books when it’s time.

Did I mention this whole scam is part of the upcoming passage of Amnesty? Oh, okay.



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