What Everyone Needs to Know About the Jihad Movement

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With the recent developments surrounding Obama’s deal to secure the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for the release of five major terrorists, I have had numerous inquiries from the uninformed regarding why everyone is “picking on the Muslims.”  We hear from the mainstream that Islam is a peaceful religion and that there is no need to be concerned at all with what is going on in the Muslim territories around the world.  To target people because of their religion is to attack one of the fundamental principles of Western Civilization, not to mention of our own country.  Do we need to be concerned about Islam?

I’ve been studying this informally since after 9/11, mainly because, as a political science teacher, I was embarrassed that I didn’t know anything about what caused 9/11 to happen in the first place.  I was vaguely familiar with Osama Bin Laden.   I knew about the Kobar Towers and the USS Cole.  But I was completely ignorant about the principles of Islam or how the Muslim mind operates.  What I discovered was both amazing and shocking.

Islam is a religion that has roots that connect it to both Christianity and Judaism.  However, their culture is very different.  I would say that the modern age of Islam began around the time that Osama first declared a fatwa – a declaration of war – against the West.  So let’s start there with two points.  First, don’t anyone even mention Islamphobia, which is a slander designed to shut down any adult debate on the subject.  I personally regard regular Muslims as those practicing a religion.  But the Jihad movement is more of a theo-political cult.   And that’s where I come to my second point: That theo-political cult is at war with us.  In their minds, they understand that we are involved in a world war.

Why a world war?  Because the Jihadis are intent on conquering the world for Allah.  And in order to accomplish that, they must defeat the greatest enemies of their “religion,” meaning Jews first and foremost, and then the Christians.  In fact, all non-believers of Islam are regarded as infidels or “kaffirs,” basically just animals, not really human, and fully disposable in furthering their cause.  They aren’t obsessed with race like Americans are, they are obsessed with beliefs.   And what they believe is that they have to wipe out anyone who does not accept Islam so that they can establish a global Caliphate with Sharia law becoming the law of the land.  When Jihadis talk about “peace,” they are referencing a peace that they believe can only be sustained once they have established their new Caliphate.

Under Sharia law, it is very difficult for anyone, once drawn into Islam, to escape it of their own free will.  To reject the faith is to be the worst of all infidels, it is unacceptable blasphemy and in many countries the penalty for doing so could be death.  Suicide bombers and fanatical “holy men” are rock stars in these communities.  Children are taught from a very young age that the best thing they could aspire to would be to die for Allah and preferably kill Jews or other non-believers when doing that.  They are given comic books and children’s programming where suicide bombers are featured as heroes.   In these communities, women are treated basically as property and live under very strict rules.  They also suffer from the practice of female genital mutilation – a girl is essentially castrated around the age of puberty and then sewn up.

One of the most striking differences between Islam and Christianity centers around the concept that is practiced by Muslims and that can be found in the Koran – it is the principle of “taqiyya.”  Taqiyya fundamentally involves deceit – Muslims are allowed to lie to protect themselves.  This is true even in allowing them to deny their own faith.  Note the striking contrast with the principles of Christianity that demand that a Christian never deny their faith, even in the face of death.  There is no morality attached to lying if it is a This is one reason why fighting against the Jihadis is so difficult – our military men and women have to discern who is trustworthy and who is practicing taqiyya.

The Jihadis are basically following a five-pronged plan for accomplishing their goal of conquering the world for Allah: (1) Immigrate into other countries and populate – Americans are barely replacing population; in many European countries, the indigenous populations are even shrinking.  But the average Muslim family has many children.  Women are encouraged to reproduce, but of course, Islam also allows for Muslim men to have up to 4 wives.  With this trend continuing, simply by virtue of demographics, Muslim populations swell from within.  And they have no intention of assimilating into the host culture.  That’s not the object.  (2) Get power in their host countries any way that they can.  That includes elections and infiltrations into seats of power.  (3) Recruit.  They like to go to prisons to do this.  (4) Propaganda and, of course (5) Terror.

Their key leaders make no secret of any of this, but the mainstream press doesn’t seem to think it is important or politically correct to talk about it.  Spokesmen for their cause routinely call for a takeover of the White House.

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