A Society where Elk are Greater than Humans

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The elk known as “Big Boy” after he was shot in the Mapleton Hill area of Boulder, Colo., on Jan. 1, 2013.

I have long been of the opinion that law enforcement is out of control. Not all cops are bad, I know that and understand it!

Now for the “but.”  I hate that word. My old-man always said that the best thing to do is take everything that proceeds the word and throw it in the trash, because that is what the word does. Why don’t the good ones start outing the bad ones? Their job is to “protect and serve” the community. More and more often se are seeing them protecting and serving themselves. Covering for each other because they are “brothers” in law enforcement. They use terms like “professional courtesy” and “screen test” in their brotherhood… or maybe we should just call it what it is… their ‘hood.’

From NBC news:

Carter was accused of killing the elk as it ate crabapple leaves on Jan. 1, 2013, in the Mapleton Hill area of Boulder. Prosecutors said he shut off the GPS in his squad car when he shot Big Boy, then forged a tag to try to pass the elk off as road kill, The Associated Press reported.

They said Carter got fellow officer Brent Curnow to help him cart off the body in a pickup and butcher it.

The officers swapped text messages about “hunting” for “wapiti,” the Shawnee word for elk, the AP said. Before Carter began his shift that day, he sent a text saying: “He’s gonna die.”

Both men resigned from the Boulder Police Department. Curnow pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and other charges.

Cops being bad aside, the big push to pursue this case, an elk… a friend of the neighborhood.

The elk’s death and Carter’s arrest had sparked outrage in Boulder, along with marches and prayer vigils.

“I saw him almost every day for three years,” Mary Lee Withers of Boulder told NBC News. “It was the highlight of my walk with my dog.”

Withers, who runs PC’s Pantry for Dogs and Cats, a Boulder pet store, said she’s raising money for a memorial sandstone bench to be placed near the site where Big Boy died.

If this Elk had been some human being, we’d see droves of people out there screaming that we have to wait for all the details to come out, give the cops the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t want to see the Elk dead, but I sure don’t want see the same thing happen to my fellow man while others tell me to sit down and shut up because those cops have a tough job.

I just wish people would get as upset about what these cops are doing everyday to their fellow man and place as much value in that as they do some Elk named “Big Boy.”



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