Don’t lose Faith in the Next Generation!

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HERMANN, Mo. – A town probably best known for its wineries, is getting national attention for its generosity. A helping hand extended by the Hermann High School graduating class is reminding us that out of heartbreaking tragedy can come heartwarming kindness.

It was the day inside the Hermann High School gym that the Hermann class of 2014 had been waiting for. But as graduation got underway, 18-year-old Zack Ruediger realized he had a problem.

“I was thinking that I wasn’t paying attention or something at one of our senior meetings or something and overlooked it,” said Zack.

He noticed other graduates were handing the principal money as they walked up to accept their diplomas, collections for a good cause, he figured.

“I’m thinking is $6 bucks going to be enough? That’s all I got on me,” he laughed as he recalled.

Turns out Zack got his $6 back and then some.

His class of 67 students was donating to him. Days before graduation, Zack’s father died from complications after hip surgery. Two years earlier, cancer took his mother.

“It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody,” said Zack.

To at least ease Zack’s financial burden, just about every graduate handed Principal Kent Sherrow money.

“I believe it was $846 that night,” said Sherrow.

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