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Most of us know that real marriage is between one man and one woman. Tim Huelskamp is fighting for the definition to remain just that.

He tells CNS News what most of Americans are thinking.

And yes, MOST Americans agree with him.

Congressional Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) said he agreed that the ultimate goal of homosexual “marriage” is to destroy the institution of marriage altogether by diminishing it to whatever type of contract people sign on to and, at the same time, denying the natural right of children to be raised by a mother and a father.


Huelskamp also said the gay “marriage” issue is no longer one of just “tolerance” for same-sex couples, but enforcement by the government to make all Americans, regardless of their religious or moral beliefs, accept gay “marriage” and gay adoption.


“There’s one man in the White House and his attorney general that are doing everything they can to undermine the traditional definition of marriage,” said the congressman.


He makes a good point. Watering down the definition of ‘marriage’ leaves it open to all kinds of combo’s. We’ve already seen in the news a threesome of women who consider themselves “married”. And remember the husband and wife who “married” an inmate?

Whats next?




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