Daughter Is Safe, Bad Guy Is Dead

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I like this guy…

A 17-year-old girl was outside getting something from her car when she was confronted by two armed men who held a gun to her head and told her to return to her home.

The girl’s father saw the suspects walking his daughter toward the home and went to get his gun. He fired several shots at the suspects, hitting both of them.

Instead of pussyfooting around, he gets down to business. He refuses to let his daughter and the rest of his family become victims.

One bad guy is dead and the other is in critical condition, the family is safe.

Guns are used over 6800 times a day by law abiding citizens to protect themselves from harm, and above was one of those examples.

Arm yourself, learn how to use it, then pray that you never have to.


h/t myfox8.com

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