Data Targeting, Who Helped ‘Screw’ Allen West, Working Against Jorge Bonilla

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Data TargetingThe redistricting trial in Tallahassee has concluded, and its not up to the judge presiding over the case to make his decision, on whether Republican state legislators drew up the 2012 redistricting maps to favor themselves, and their fellow Republicans in that years general election, and future elections.

Both parties had a hand in the dirty negotiations, and the truth about the “secret meetings” and “deleted emails,” as well as other shenanigans that went on during the map-drawing process, has now been confirmed in open court.

During the trial, the Gainesville-based consulting firm of Data Targeting, who is currently representing Republican congressional candidate Carol Platt, tried to “block the disclose” of the evidence it had regarding the “shady” work Data Targeting and legislators did during the redistricting process.

Evidence taken from a Gainesville-based consultant was also heard, but it was done during an unusual closed-door courtroom session. Lawyers for Data Targeting tried to block the disclosure of the evidence, but the state Supreme Court ruled it could be considered as long as it wasn’t done in open court.-Associated Press

Interestingly enough, legislators and consultants like Data Targeting were responsible for “the fix” in former Congressman Allen West’s congressional district.

A full 5 months before the maps were even drawn, one legislator involved in the redistricting process told the Shark Tank that “Allen West is screwed” once the maps are drawn.

Again, how could he/they know this if the maps were not yet drawn?

After West found out that he was “screwed,” and then seeing his congressional district swing from a Republican friendly district, to a safe Democrat district, West decided to try his luck in another congressional district just north of his original one.

I think everyone knows that Republicans did it- I really don’t care. I’m fine. No one ambushes me. -Congressman Allen West

West and others cried foul, but legislators insisted that the process was done fairly, and that West was just an unfortunate situation. This even after a top GOP legislator personally told West, months before the maps were released, that he needed to look for another seat to run in.


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