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Cop can’t buy a gun or ammunition in Illinois


Hillsdale, Missouri, police officer Jeremy Quate lives in Illinois but cannot purchase a gun there because of a crime he committed as juvenile.

At age 16 Quate was arrested for burglary and given probation.

According to KSDK, the arrest was a felony charge, and because of that Quate cannot get an Illinois Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card to purchase guns and/or ammunition. Illinois is the “only state that has a FOID card.”

Quate was told that obeying probation guidelines was his “shot at a clean record.” He played by the rules, and his juvenile record is now sealed. However, his FOID card application was still rejected; when asked, an Illinois State Police spokesperson said “she’s not able to talk about FOID card applicants.”

Officer Quate wants to be able to buy “a secondary gun” for off-duty use, and he wants to be able to buy ammunition so he can practice shooting with his firearm. However, in Illinois, he has to have a FOID card before he can do any of these things.

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