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Thad Cochran and His Wild Life in Mississippi


imagesTMBH1TSTThad Cochran may have as his theme song, “Wild Thing.” His wild thing/s may not make his heart sing, but they evoke fond memories of “indecent acts.” Ewe. I mean eww.

Cochran unsheepishly shared a memory Tuesday of life as a country boy in rural Mississippi. Did he mention hearty Southern breakfasts, roosters crowing at dawn, skipping pebbles on the river? Nope. His foremost recollection was doing indecent things to animals.

The media is reporting that he was making a joke.

Matthew Boyle at Breitbart:

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) provided his latest head-scratching comment in public, this time joking he engaged in illicit activities with animals as a child.

The Clarion Ledger:

Cochran in his speech opening was telling of his family connections to the Pine Belt area, where as a child he would often visit his grandmother in the country. He joked about “doing all sorts of indecent things with animals” as a kid. The audience appeared to take it as intended — a joke, apparently about harassing wildlife or livestock.

That’s what everyone who makes love to sheep and goats wants us to believe–that they’re just kidding. It’s the beginning of desensitizing the public toward human-wildlife unions.ManSheep.jpg


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