Bowe Bergdahl Won’t Talk to His Parents

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BN-DA497_0531be_G_20140531125801Reports are out that recently released Afghani POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is not speaking to his parents after five years and being traded for Gitmo detainees to secure his return. Lots of controversy, but additional reports say he’s been shielded from most of it:

From the Wall Street Journal:

Doctors treating Sgt. Bergdahl at a U.S. military hospital in Germany are moving slowly because of the swirling controversy over the soldier’s release, the U.S. official said.


While he spent five years in captivity after being captured by Afghan insurgents in 2009, Sgt. Bergdahl doesn’t yet want to talk to his family on the phone, the official said.


Sgt. Bergdahl has likely been shielded from most of the backlash his release has generated in the U.S. Some former platoon soldiers have accused him of deserting his post, and lawmakers from both parties have questioned the decision to trade America’s lone prisoner of war in Afghanistan for five Taliban officials held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Local authorities canceled a homecoming celebration in his Idaho hometown because of the backlash. The celebration was canceled specifically because of threats made against the family, officials said. The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that it was investigating threats made against Sgt. Bergdahl’s parents.


“We are aware of the threats and are working with our local law enforcement partners to investigate,” FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jacqueline Maguire said in an email Sunday. “As always, we take these types of threats seriously.”

gitmofiveI just wish the Obama Administration would get their story straight. Are you beginning to think Bergdahl is another pawn, another distraction?

Are we talking about Benghazi or the VA scandal anymore?

Is this is all about closing Gitmo?

And what’s the next thing to cover this up? 3,2,1..


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