Amnesty Bill Looking Good with New GOP Leadership

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imageMany in the conservative movement claim that with the defeat of Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Immigration Reform – or Amnesty – as we all know it is was dead.

But lo and behold in comes California’s Kevin McCarthy and magically, Amnesty has another full head of steam.

These Republicans will not stop until there are 30 million more unskilled, low-wage, cheap laborers legalized in this country –  aka: Democrat voters. But what do they care?

They’re more like Democrats in this respect anyway, aren’t they?

Here’s the latest:

h/t: The Hill

The rise of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to House majority leader and Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) to majority whip could be good news for the push, President Joe Green said in a blog post on Monday.


“Both of these representatives have indicated their support for fixing our fundamentally broken system multiple times,” he wrote. “[A]s members of House GOP leadership, the pressure is on for them — along with Speaker [John] Boehner — to take action and bring reform legislation to a vote as soon as possible, so that we can boost our economy and do right by the millions of American families living in fear of separation.”


Scalise has been a critic of efforts like’s to overhaul the country’s immigration system and has opposed “amnesty” for immigrants not legally in the country.


Green urged supporters of reform to contact their member of Congress and push for action.


Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) stunning primary defeat earlier this month was widely seen as the death knell for immigration legislation this year, after Cantor’s opponent, Dave Brat, repeatedly hammered him for being open to some reform proposals.


Tech company executives who have been the most vocal supporters of reform have pushed back against that narrative. They note that the same night Cantor lost by double digits, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has been a more vocal supporter of reform, handily won his primary.


If anything, they claim Cantor was punished for not taking a firm enough stance on the issue.


Critics of the executives’ immigration push have said that they are merely seeking a fresh supply of cheap labor and want to undercut American workers.

Don’t believe it? You will – just wait till McCarthy starts moaning about the children coming across the border and how the new immigration bill will protect them and us from this type of thing happening again.

the Republicans won’t win another election, but what do these guys care?



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