5 Lessons In The Heroic Act That Stopped The Seattle School Shooter

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Last Thursday, another loon (like Elliot Rodger) opened fire with a shotgun on students at Seattle Pacific University, killing one and wounding three others.

It could have been a veritable bloodbath as the culprit, Aaron Ybarra, intended, according to law enforcement, to “unleash hell” on the campus; but a quick thinking, non-wussified young man rose to the occasion and peppered sprayed this SOB when he was reloading and brought him down to Chinatown.

I’ve got two words for that brave move by that fine young squire: Ya and Hoo.

Yep, instead of rolling up in the fetal position and wetting his big victim diaper, Jon Meis did what normal young men used to do, namely, kick the bad guy’s butt by any means possible. Someone buy that man a beer.

Now, for all the criticism of “alpha males” and how men nowadays need to be more like Michael Jackson and less like Leonidas, I bet the kids and faculty at SPU, and their respective relatives, are sure as shizzle glad this Meis hombre tapped his primal, protective impulses when the crap was hitting the fan and saved the day.

Gentlemen, should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation in close proximity to an active shooter, as Mr. Meis did, put this in the back of your noggin; it might save a few lives:

1. Obviously, get out of the shooter’s line of sight. I know … duh. Stay safe, assess the situation and try to maneuver from behind.

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