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45 Goats and a Motorcycle


The title has you wondering, doesn’t it?  Why else would you be here?

I admit, I have a thing for goats. They maybe the greatest thing since… well, CATS! It is my hope that someday, in the near future, goats rule the internet… instead of those evil kittens!

One goat in this adorable 6 second video…

In this next 34 second video, you get the other 44 goats following their leader… You can just go ahead and admit it now… you want a goat, don’t ya?

Now for the motorcycle… I came across this and thought it was a great story and a very well put together video. Some people just have a gift for story telling, and this guy is one of them!

I hope this brightened your day, it did mine so I shared it with you.  If you enjoyed it, you should share it with others… Putting a smile on someone’s face is probably the best way to put one on yours too!


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