3 Weeks Late – Chairman Of Cato Institute Backs Joe the Plumber

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we’re not talkin’ Green Hornet either..

The Chairman of the Cato Institute – Robert Levy – must not have been able to sleep since reading my “OPEN LETTER: To the parents of the victims murdered by Elliot Rodger.

That’s the one where I had the temerity to push back against the Marxists exploiting those Santa Barbara murders for their gun control agenda…

… Oh, crap – there I go not being sensitive again. Sorry, I didn’t mean to call the folks trying to take away your civil liberties “Marxists” – I mean to call them “Maoists.” Sorry.

wapoOkay, so the Washington Post didn’t call for an interview and Mr. Levy couldn’t quite bring himself to say he was on the same page as myself when I said; “Your dead kids don’t trump my rights” – but read his tardy column below and decide for yourself.

You’ll find Mr. Levy’s words of veiled concession are strained harder than my new born’s breakfast. He clearly concurs with my assessment of the situation, yet his column is riddled with disclaimers, above it all rhetoric and oh, so sensitive cliches that overpower any feeling of brotherhood a true-blue Constitutional conservative might glean from it.

He knows damn well I’m right. But it’s hard out there to just say it.

Excerpts from The Washington Post:

Joe the Plumber said ‘your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.’ Could he be right?

He incited near universal furor. But is there a kernel of truth to that claim?


By Robert A. Levy – June 13 Robert A. Levy is chairman of the Cato Institute

Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher did himself (and gun advocates) no favors when he wrote “your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.”


He posted those incendiary words soon after Elliot Rodger went on a killing rampage in California, killing six people, three with a knife and three with a gun. In the weeks since, there has been more gun violence, most recently in Oregon.


To be fair, Wurzelbacher’s letter – directed to the parents of the gunshot victims – was replete with expressions of sympathy; but those civilities were undermined by his indelicate and insensitive harangue against Richard Martinez, whose son was among the murdered. Martinez had attacked “craven, irresponsible politicians” and the National Rifle Association for his son’s death.


Not surprisingly, the media have focused on Wurzelbacher’s rabble-rousing dictum that public safety – even if kids are mowed down by guns – is subordinate to Second Amendment rights. What should we make of that claim? Is there a kernel of truth in defense of Joe the Plumber?


It’s like Mr. Levy wants to say I’m f$%kin’-A Right Baby! -but he just can’t because Joe the Plumber is just too much of a caveman for his friends and colleagues to be seen in agreement with?

No offense Mr. Levy (good luck with that one, Joe), but just exactly where has being sensitive gotten us? The Constitution, the Separation of Powers, our border, our military’s mission, our economy and our foreign policy is in Barack Obama’s office shredder the last time I looked.

And a “kernel” of truth?

Seriously, you would devote a column to a “kernel” of truth? I demand a synonym, sir: “Nucleus”; “Origin”; “Basis”.. Hell, I’d even take “Modicum” of truth only because most people don’t know it’s the same size as “kernel” – but at least now it sounds like you have a grain of understanding of what our Constitution was fought for in the first place.

See what I did there? Grain? Heh? Oh, forget it..

Don’t take this as disgust or cynicism – I am grateful even if it doesn’t sound like it. The Cato Institute sounds pretty cool in the same sentence with Joe Wurzelbacher, trust me – I’m not trying to be something I’m not. But c’mon, dude – three weeks to get there?

Where you been, ma’ man? These punks were on top of me and you knew – you knew I was spot on. No one backed me because I’m insensitive?

It continues further down..

California’s gun laws are among the nation’s most restrictive. The state has already enacted expanded background checks, which Rodger passed because he had no criminal or psychiatric record. The state already bans so-called assault weapons. Rodger’s three handguns had none of the specified features. The state already limits magazines to 10 rounds. Rodger had more than 40 qualifying magazines. The state already caps handgun purchases at one per month and requires a 10-day waiting period; but Rodger, who planned his massacre over nearly three years, had plenty of time to build an arsenal.


There are good reasons for politicians to resist nationwide gun controls that demonstrably do not work. And there are good reasons to suspect that the mass murder problem can best be addressed by improved detection and treatment of mental illness. And yes, the NRA has supported background checks that forestall buyers who have been involuntarily committed to mental institutions or judged mentally incompetent.

The hell am I doing in this article?

AN OPEN LETTER TO ROBERT A. LEVY: First of all, thanks for being there – even if it’s a little late, friendo – but just come out and say it: “Joe the Plumber is absolutely right – as harsh and insensitive as it may sound – mass-murder does not trump our Constitutional Rights.”

There – was that so hard? You’re a lot smarter than me – we both know it (especially you) – so why would you want to be seen as hedging on such a simple, fundamental question of Constitutional rights? It ain’t a kernel – it’s the whole Field of Dreams. Dekalb County – know what I’m saying?

.. and his column goes on and on lecturing you…actually – lecturing me, I think.  Here’s the last paragraph, where Levy decides to scold me:

.. So, in those specific respects, Joe the Plumber has a point. He obviously needs a lesson in decorum; his absolutist message cries out for subtlety; but the principle that government must prove its case before trumping constitutional rights is perfectly valid.

Damn! Almost did it! It was that close, baby, but – wow – a lesson in decorum? Yeah, that’s what we need, sir. Thanks for the “perfectly valid” thing, but who needs the lesson – and in what?

While tens of thousands of children pour over our southern border from Latin America, escorted by who knows who?

As the blood and sacrifice of tens of thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers are mocked by terrorists taking over Iraq:

While ObamaCare literally kills people who would have lived with their doctor and their plan if they like them…

– Joe Wurzelbacher needs a lesson in decorum?

Mr. Levy’s entire column is here:

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