X-Men’s Charles Xavier: 10 Weird Facts

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Xavier2 X-Men: Days of Future Past opened nationwide on May 23, with an all-star cast.

Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Charles Francis Xavier, the founder of the university for mutants. Why can’t he just transfer his superior knowledge from his powerful mutant brain to the brains of the other characters? Why do they have to attend university? I mean, the fees alone . . .

Anyway, here are 10 weird facts about Professor X, you may not have known. They are listed in order of obscurity, unless you are an expert on Charles Xavier trivia. Then, well, the facts are random.

1. He was given the middle name Francis in X-Men #328, which was released in 1996. (That means that from 1963 to 1996 he was middle nameless. What took Lee & Kirby so long?)


2. Bald leading man Yul Brenner was the inspiration for Xavier’s appearance.


3. Professor X is likened to Martin Luther King, Jr. because of his pacifistic approach to civil rights for mutants. (Magneto, a not-so-pacifistic nemesis,  is compared to Malcolm X, for obvious reasons).


4. He earned both an M.D. degree as well as PhD., graduating from Oxford University (where he met and fell in love with Moira Kinson–she’s Scottish, she is).


5. The first mutant he ever met was Amahl Faouk, a.k.a. the Shadow King. They met in Cairo, Egypt.


6, Xavier is also known as the Bald Phoenix, and on occasion a select few get to call him Chuck. (Chuck Xavier. Something wrong about that combo.)


7. The same genetic quirk that causes his telepathic powers also caused him to go bald by the end of high school. (I guess that’s a small price to pay.)


8. Charles was blond before going bald at age 16. (Maybe some fact checking was in order before casting James McAvoy as the young Xavier, with his full head of brown hair.)


9. Charles is American,, born in New York City to Brian and Sharon. Brian and Sharon–sounds as American as you can get. Then why is he played by a Brit (Patrick Stewart) and a Scotsman (James McAvoy)? There’s a shortage of bald American leading men? Maybe it’s because with an accent the character sounds smarter.


10. Here’s the weirdest one of all: Charles had a twin. While in the womb, Charles detected an evil presence in his twin brother. So, he killed him, but made it look like a miscarriage. No one was the wiser!

If you haven’t seen this film yet, go! It’s a blast from the past . . . and future.

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