Why do WHITE MEN have any right to give their WHITE MAN opinions about non-WHITE MAN issues?

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white menHey, propagators of Identity Politics.

Let’s talk about this:

“You’re a [specific demographic category] so you can’t have an opinion about [whatever contentious issue]!”

Here’s the thing about that statement. It’s bigoted, cowardly, foolish, and small-minded.

So let’s stop saying it, OK?

Please, continue to debate and discuss and argue, but this is not an argument. It’s the opposite of an argument. It’s a rhetorical black hole that sucks all of the intelligence and purpose out of a conversation, leaving only some dried up shell of a pointless back and forth where we are reduced to competing over who can sob the loudest and play the highest quantity of Victim Cards™.

It’s revolting, really.

“Your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re a ____!”

Of course, we all know that the blank is only ever filled in with “white man.” It is assuredly not socially acceptable to tell any group, other than white men, that their opinions don’t count.


“White Men shouldn’t talk about _____.”

Don’t you hear yourself? Do you know how stupid that sounds? How frivolous? How bigoted?

This is bigotry of the worst sort – so extreme that it bars an entire group of human beings from participating in a conversation, merely based on the boxes they check on a census form.

Bigotry so naked, so blatant, that it completely disregards another person’s point of view because of physical and physiological factors out of their control.

Enough, already.

Defend your concepts, if you can. Make your point. Argue your position. Defeat your opponents on the Battlefield of Ideas. Be ruthless, if you want. Be aggressive and unrelenting. I’m fine with that. I respect it. I like it.

And we all know that the universal WHITE MAN experience is that of wealth, privilege, and luxury. Just ask this kid:white men


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