Virgin Gunman’s Manifesto Gets Rap Genius Exec Fired

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untitled (5)Virgin Gunman, Elliot Rodger’s 141 page manifesto is leading to all kinds of mayhem.

The most recent casualty is Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam, who was fired for posting remarks his colleagues found to be “weird and insensitive.” Moghadam himself later said his comments showed “poor judgment.”

Apparently Moghadam was fascinated with the killer’s writing, calling parts of it “artful” and “beautifully written.” He praised a blueprint for mass murder! Moghadam also speculated that Rodger’s sister might be “smokin’ hot”–the comment that seemed most inappropriate to other Rap Genius founders in light of widespread grieving.

According to Mail Online:

The controversy came as it emerged Rodger is quickly acquiring an army of sick female fans who have come out in praise of the shooter despite his mass killing.
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Perversely, many of them are from the very demographic – young women – that caused him to foster such growing hatred because of his failure to strike relationships with them in life.

In his videos and writings, Rodger voices his contempt for everyone from his roommates to the human race, reserving special hate for two groups: the women he says kept him a virgin for all of his 22 years and the men they chose instead.

In one tweet, nena says: ‘Such a shame. Elliot Rodger was hot.’

In another, aff man says: ‘Seriously? not one UCSB chick couldn’ve bit the bullet and dated that hot dude with the cool car?’

It seems hard to believe that anyone could really believe that losing his virginity was the answer to happiness and stability for Elliot Rodger. Elliot Rodger, his now tormented family, and the Tweeters who sympathize are part of a bigger, hideous picture depicting the brooding mentally ill and the destruction that comes from ignoring precursors.

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