Joe Biden’s Son Now Head of Ukraine’s Gas Company

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Hunter BidenJoe Biden’s son, Hunter has been appointed director of Ukraine’s largest gas company.

More crony capitalism liberal style. Reminds me of Harry Reid’s son being involved with the Chinese Solar company that is getting Nevada Federal land for pennies on the dollar.

Democrats like Biden and Reid never fail to disgust me, but this business of selling out the US to foreign interests really makes my blood boil.

hat tip: West Wire News

Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, a privately-owned natural gas company operating in the Ukraine since the year 2002. Burisma Holdings has become a considerable player within the Ukrainian natural gas and oil industry, with licences covering the Dnieper-Donets, Carpathian and Azov-Kuban basins. The production capability has reached over 10,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOEPD) which has left the company with considerable reserves.

Regardless of blurred lines of interest, it appears that the White House’s role in the current revolutionary atmosphere of the Ukraine has gotten more complicated. Now, with a direct line to the largest private oil and gas producer in the Ukraine, The Obama administration may have earned themselves a new seat of power at the bargaining table with Russia regarding the direction Ukrainian politics and sovereignty should move. In the dishevelment of Ukraine where supposed freedom fighters have shot their own, Nazis have been reported as lesser evil, and war drums of the world’s superpowers have been given a rhythm, it would seem the United States may have just purposefully made their tense dynamics with Russia’s Vladimir Putin become even more personal.

Isn’t this what third world kleptocracies do? They reward the friends and family of the powerful? This doesn’t smell right. Ukraine is already reeling from a series of corruption scandals. And now this. We are an American kleptocracy where only the chosen few can profit.


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