Turning Oregon Red

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Six months ago the cry from the left was that they were going to “Turn Texas Blue” and that Wendy Davis was just the person to do it. That hasn’t worked out so well. On the other hand, a reliably blue state may be looking at a serious upset in the making that will turn Oregon red.

Oregon’s Democratic Senator, Jeff Merkley, is an ardent supporter of ObamaCare. One of the two Republicans running for the nomination to oppose Merkley voted in favor of the Oregon state ObamaCare exchange in the state Senate. The Oregon exchange has yet to enroll a single person and it’s been scrapped. It’s so bad in Oregon that the US Attorney and the FBI are investigating how much fraud was committed and by who.

The other Republican candidate, Dr. Monica Wehby, has been an outspoken opponent of ObamaCare since before the law was passed. Dr. Wehby is a very prominent neurosurgeon and has been publicly and loudly proclaiming the disaster that ObamaCare is showing itself to be and she’s taken lots of heat for it.

In a result the Republican leadership in Washington should be paying attention to – but aren’t – Dr. Wehby won a decisive primary victory over her squishy opponent 51-32 and will be facing Merkley in November.

Oregon is a reliably blue state. It’s solidly controlled by Democrats, and Democrats of a very liberal persuasion. In a typical year the Democratic machine wouldn’t bat an eye at the good doctor, she’d lose by at least 10 points. This year is different, the Democrats are running scared.

Wehby has a very strong message and Democrats are desperate to find a way to blunt her campaign. They thought they’d found it last week.

On Tuesday, the Oregonian reported that Jon Friedman, an employee of the Democratic Party of Oregon, was the first person to request a copy from the Portland Police Bureau Records Division of the police report describing the April 2013 incident. Friedman made his request on April 17, 2014.

Though the exposure of its opposition research operation has resulted in a number of embarrassing questions the Democratic Party of Oregon does not want to answer, it has also brought to light additional embarrassing questions for its intended target, Wehby.

On Tuesday, the Oregonian reported that two additional police reports alleging “ongoing harassment” by Wehby have surfaced. Both reports, the first from 2007, the second from 2009, were filed by Wehby’s now ex-husband, Jim Grant.

The saga of opposition research, police reports, and allegations of “stalking” and “harassment” dominated the Oregon media as voters went to the polls Tuesday to choose between Wehby and Conger in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate, but voters seem largely oblivious to the controversy.

We doubt this will gain much traction. First of all, Wehby is fighting back against the accusations as you’ll hear in her victory speech below. Second is this little gem.

In addition to her establishment endorsement, Wehby had far greater financial resources than Conger, both in her own campaign and from outside SuperPACs, including one that was partially financed by Mr. Miller, the man who filed the April 2013 police report in which he described her as a stalker.

That is looking like a loser for Democrats. Added to the mix is the fact that Oregon Democrats spent well over $250 million on their exchange that doesn’t work and Oregonians are mad as hell about it and appear to be looking for people to take their anger out on. Merkley is one target and the Democratic Governor of Oregon may end up being another.


This year, ObamaCare may even be a bigger story than a nasty divorce. That spells bad times for Democrats.


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