Thousands of toddlers are being drugged because they act like toddlers

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By Matt Walsh

This is child abuse.

According to a new report from the CDC, thousands of toddlers are being prescribed ‘medication’ for ADHD.


Two and three years old.

I am the last guy to scream child abuse when parents are earnestly attempting to do what’s best for their children, but today is the day when the last guy screams. Giving your two-year-old a schedule II narcotic in order to control their behavior is dangerous, immoral, and violent.

The doctors who prescribe this stuff to babies should lose their licenses and be tossed in a cage alongside the other crack dealers — crack dealers who, for the most part, at least have the decency to wait until a kid is out of diapers before turning him into a lifelong customer.

Pause for a moment, friends, and contemplate this: it’s illegal to give a 20-year-old a beer, but legal to give a 2-year-old some speed.

Just let that thought marinate.

Hopefully you’re now as disturbed as I was after spending a couple of hours investigating this matter.

Right away, I discovered that many people are apparently curious about whether their 24-month-old baby has a psychological disorder that causes him to run around and laugh a lot. I typed in “signs of ADHD” and the second suggested response was “in toddlers”:image11

Clicking on the links, it was like skimming through some of the creepiest science fiction literature ever written.

Web MD has a section dedicated to ADHD in toddlers, and the “early symptoms” portion tells us:

Toddlers and preschoolers [with ADHD] may be unable to sit still, follow even simple directions, or control impulses. They may become angry for no reason and hit their peers or siblings. They tend to be impatient, breaking in line on the playground, or interrupting others when they are talking or playing. They may move constantly, jump from one activity to another, and have a high level of energy and a low sense of danger (and perhaps a high threshold for pain). When shopping, they may refuse to sit in the shopping cart or stroller; they may take items from the shelves and open them or throw tantrums if you don’t buy something they want.

God help me. My kids are only one, but they’re already beginning to exhibit many of these symptoms. Last week, my daughter fussed when we put her in the cart at BJ’s. This morning, my son crawled all over the living room and refused to sit still. I tried to give him some worksheets to complete before breakfast, but he just tried to eat them. My wife and I immediately alerted our doctors, but since our doctors aren’t insane, they informed us that one-year-olds will often, and surprisingly, behave like one-year-olds.

Continue reading to be further disturbed…

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