The Sterling Saga Gets Even More Tangled

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Are we surprised that every time a rock rolls over with respect to LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling a new snake crawls out? Well, no we’re not.

Yesterday we reported that it looks like the NBA can’t really terminate Sterling’s ownership of the franchise, nor can they force him to sell. We also commented that the real fun would be having them try and watching while Sterling – who’s a multi-Billionaire – tossed a bundle of cash to his lawyers and told them to “sue the bastards.” Discovery would really be fun since Sterling has owned the Clippers for 33 years and knows all of the owners up close and personal.

Now it turns out that his girlfriend may end up in more hot water than Sterling. [Pausing to chuckle]

Ever since a recording of racist comments by Clippers owner Donald Sterling was made public, the media has been fawning over Sterling’s girlfriend and recording leaker, V. Stiviano. Little has been done to learn about this woman’s history but now records have turned up showing she has a record of multiple arrests for theft under multiple names. Sources also say she is being investigated for trying to extort money from Sterling.

Gossip website TMZ posted the records of Stiviano’s multiple arrests under multiple names and it seems she has quite a history of arrests for theft, burglary, and drug and alcohol charges.

In 2002, records show Stiviano was arrested for theft by the Los Angeles Police Department. Then in 2004 the Santa Monica PD arrested her for petty theft and felony burglary. By 2010 the LAPD again apprehended her on charges of possession of a controlled substance. Finally, in 2012 she was arrested for drunk driving by the California Highway Patrol.

Court records also show that V. Stiviano has used at least five different names over the years.


Additionally, in some cases she identified herself as “black,” while in others she told police she was “Hispanic.”

Our first question has to be the obvious. Will the major media be reporting that she’s a “black Hispanic?” We can’t wait to see that one in the New York Times. Or even the LA Times.

So she’s got a checkered past. We’re not surprised and we’re pretty sure that Sterling knew all about it. We don’t care one way or the other, but here comes the fun part.

It also appears that V. Stiviano may be under investigation for attempting to extort money from Sterling over the recordings.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the L.A. County D.A.’s office is now looking into charges that Stiviano collected the recordings and tried to get the Clippers owner to hand over cash to make them go away.

Since the beginning of this story there have been hints that Stiviano might have been demanding money for the recordings.

Early in the controversy reports that Sterling had asked Stiviano what he could do to make these recordings “go away” showed up in several places.

In another interview, Sterling grumbled, “I wish I had just paid her off.”

Additionally, since the beginning there has been speculation as to whether or not Stiviano’s recordings of Sterlings violated the law. California is one of the few states to have “two party consent,” meaning that both parties being recorded have to be made aware that a recording is being made and must agree to allow it.

The bottom line with respect to the recording is the “two party” rule. Certainly the chickie could be in hot water. The bigger question, and we don’t even know enough about California’s two-party recording law to even guess, is what impact will this new wrinkle have on the NBA’s position?

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