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Revenge Killings by Son of Hunger Games Director Near UCSB


Revenge is a dish best served cold. –by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (1782)

In this video you’ll hear in the killer’s own words how calculating and cold-blooded were his premeditated acts of violence last night, when at approximately 9:30 p.m., Elliot Rodger opened fire as he drove through Isla Vista, a community near University of California, Santa Barbara.

From Mail Online:

“I will slaughter every single blonde s**t I see’: Seven people killed as son of Hunger Games assistant director carries out drive-by shooting ‘because women rebuffed his advances and he was a virgin at 22′”

-Elliot Rodger, 22, went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, killing six
-Rodger also died of gunshot wound to the head; authorities have not confirmed if it was self-inflicted
-He posted a video to social media Thursday in which he rants about how women have rejected his advances
-Lamenting that he was a 22-year-old virgin, Rodger promises ‘retribution’ and ‘punishment’
-He says he plans to enter the ‘hottest sorority on SCSB’ and ‘slaughter’ the girls inside
-Rodger is believed to be the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger
-Elliot Rodger’s family contacted police last week out of concern over disturbing videos he posted
-Officers interviewed him and found him to be a ‘perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human’

Too bad the officers were fooled by Rodger’s polite, kind wonderfulness. His victims’ families will, no doubt, be troubled by that assessment of his personality.



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