Reason number 14,932 to shut down public schools.

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That would be Dr. Manuel Isquierdo, Superintendent of the Sunnyside school district in Tucson, AZ.

Isquierdo has been a controversial figure in Tucson for a number of years. Needless to say, he’s got a very lucrative contract, but that just doesn’t seem to cover his operating expenses. At home, that is. The Doctor’s monthly haul from the city of Tucson is a meager $19,791. Per month. Of course he lives in a 3,400 square foot home with a 1,700 square foot guest house in the very exclusive Catalina Foothills section of Tucson and it’s reportedly worth over $1 million. He’s renting it.

For starters, Isquierdo is a tad behind on his taxes. The IRS has him on the hook for $57,000 and the state of California is after him for $150,000 (reportedly $18,000 of that has been paid.)

Several years ago Isquierdo sold a deal to the school board where kids who got good grades would get a laptop computer.

“A few years back,” Hunnicutt [Lori Hunnicut is the editor of the Tucson Daily Independent] told The Daily Caller, Isquierdo “started a digital giveaway” involving “cheap laptops” that were provided for kids who maintained good grades.

“Isquierdo made a small fortune” out of the deal, Hunnicutt claims.

Here we have the Superintendent of the second largest school district in Tucson who apparently managed to get his hand in the till with a contract for cheap computers, makes over $200,000 per year and owes about $200,000 in back taxes. Those, at least for now, are his minor problems.

A background note is in order before we continue. Tucson is Arizona’s second largest city and the political equivalent of Nancy Pelosi’s district. It’s the home of the University of Arizona. It’s also the rally point for groups like La Raza, the Mexican “civil rights” group. They care as much about civil rights as CAIR.

Isquierdo’s current problem is one that is endemic to “educators” across the country. He’s a liar and has no qualms in padding performance numbers. If things don’t work out for him in Tucson maybe he can get a job running the VA hospital in Phoenix, there’s probably going to be an opening there soon.

The school board held a meeting a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t Isquierdo’s best day.

…school board member Buck Crouch charged that that Manuel Isquierdo, the beleaguered superintendent of Tucson’s Sunnyside Unified School District, had submitted graduation percentages that don’t corroborate with the rates on the Arizona Department of Education website…

The school board called an emergency meeting, and conveniently called it when member Crouch was in Nebraska attending a family event. Guess what happened?

At the Friday meeting, Isquierdo described Crouch’s graduation claims as an attack on him personally and an insult to the district’s students, teachers and parents.


The superintendent of Tucson’s second-largest district played the race card at the meeting as well.

“I feel Mr. Crouch was reckless, uninhibited toward his board members who happen to be Latino, he was disrespectful to a Latino superintendent. I have earned the right to be in this chair,” the schools boss said, according to the station.

Yep, race card! And, he played when Crouch wasn’t there.

There happens to be a recall election for two of the school board members, and they are supporters of Isquierdo. Here’s what recall candidate Mike Polak had to say about the superintendent’s comments.

I now see Dr. Isquierdo is playing the Race card. He should be ashamed of himself for insulting the Hispanics who come from multiracial families. I’m a father of two sons who are both Mexican American and I have a daughter who is Filipino and two Filipino sons. I have a daughter in law who is from Mexico. I have three grandchildren and another on the way that has a Hispanic heritage. For Dr. Isquierdo to say I would not represent the Hispanic community because I am white or not Hispanic is just wrong. The proper education of children has nothing to do with race; Children from all ethnicities deserve a good education. Dr. Isquierdo is part of the problem and needs to resign and make a public apology for his insults to everyone in the community.

I have copied the quote of Dr. Isquierdo below from the article.

“If Mr. Polack, Mr. Crouch and Mr. Giffin sit on that board, it does not represent a Latino community and I’m not afraid to say it,” Isquierdo said.

Mr. Crouch is not unusual in Tucson, with the exception of the lily-white liberals who have moved into Arizona’s equivalent of Nancy Pelosi’s district, Tucson is a heavily mixed-culture city. That showed up in the results of the recall election. Dr. Isquierdo’s supporters got tossed. The school board is not 4-1 opposed to the worthless Doctor.

That prompted the school board to do what all race-baiting, progressive organizations do when they lose. They called an immediate “emergency” meeting and voted the Dr. a $7,500 raise.

This one isn’t over yet.


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