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Rat Parade on the Ropes


Are Eric Shinsekjaycarneyasbaghdadbobi and Jay Carney the beginning of the Conga line preparing to leave the Obama administration? Like rats running down the rope line from a sinking ship, it will be a good start.

To be fair to Shinseki, he was a fine patriot and soldier, but he was a terrible choice by Obama to administer the Veterans Affairs department, a victim of Obama’s incompetence and inexperience in being any sort of executive himself. Jay Carney, on the other hand, was simply a paid liar, a spinmeister extraordinaire. Had Carney been made to face real journalists — people like Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein — he would have been swallowed up whole in his first week on the job.

Carney told some real whoppers during his tenure, and all with a straight face. And the lap dogs in the White House press corps (not pronounced corpse, I might add) basically let him slide time and again. Perhaps his resignation is the result of a few reporters who had finally had enough of Carney’s … malarkey toward the end and began to actually challenge him. It’s hard to remain stoic when ones lies are questioned thoroughly and doggedly, like Fox News’ Ed Henry and ABC’s Jonathan Karl began to do.

I must say I will almost miss Jay. Not because he began to grow on me, but because I will never get to see him crack under the questions on some You Tube video.

As for Shinseki, I am concerned that his sacrifice will satisfy the Gods of News, who will then move onto some other story while our veterans continue to wallow in the pathetic system that is the epitome of government controlled health care. People in general are much too involved with their own lives to care beyond the last headline, and they must remain engaged through a diligent press lest they forget all too quickly.


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