Rank stupidity is what we’re up against

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We frequently accuse progressives of being “low information” kind of people. In our digital travels lately we’ve come to the conclusion that “low information” is too kind, and really misses the mark. It implies that with just some exposure to the facts and a little thought process the offending progressive can be brought to sanity. We’re coming to the conclusion that “S.T.U.P.I.D.” is a better adjective.

A couple of days ago we got involved in a comment thread at National Review Online. The article in question, Young Socialists and SEIU Lead NYC’s Growing Fast-Food Protests, is an interesting piece about the people (and we use that term loosely) involved in the $15 minimum wage movement. It focuses on the fact that the organizers are a variety of hard core Socialist organizations who are trying to relive the 60s. You really should read the whole article, it’s instructive. Bill Ayers where are you??

Our point here is less the article – again, read it – than one of the commenters, jerseycityjoan, who is running off at the keyboard attacking the idea of a $7.25/hour minimum wage. Bear with us, here’s the thread in question…

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Got that? We’re going to work real hard and bring us all up to above average levels.” We read that beauty, picked ourselves up off the floor and were met with, “2/3s f us will remain Average and below average.” Hello Mr. Floor, we were just here weren’t we?

It’s pretty obvious that jerscycityjoan was an early test subject for Common Core Math.

We understand that some people are math-challenged. We are, however, more than a little stretched at the idea that anybody would think that we could all be above average, although when 96% of Americans think they’re “above average” maybe jerseycityjoan is onto something. Which doesn’t negate the fact that she(?) is dumber than a box of rocks.

We’re sure by the time you read this post the thread in question will have expanded, drop by and take a look. Try not to cry, because this particular example of ExtremeStupidity, jerseycityjoan, is certainly not alone in her(?) stupidity.

After all, she helped to elect Barack twice.


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