Planned Parenthood never let a rape stand in the way of an abortion


Rally for Planned Parenthood Funding NYC 2/26/11We just wrote about a huge pro-life win in Kansas where the state has successfully defunded Planned Parenthood. Both Kansas and Texas are doing great work shutting down the slaughter centers that Planned Parenthood runs.

If you needed any more reasons why Planned Parenthood should never get another dime of taxpayer money we’re following up on that today.

Planned Parenthood has a long and colorful history of law breaking in lots of areas but they really stand out when it comes to the rape of minors. LiveAction has done a great job of documenting Planned Parenthood’s complete disregard for the law where it comes to reporting the rape of minors and their willingness to circumvent parental consent laws.

This is an organization that Barack Obama is funneling about $287 million per year to under the guise of helping women. That’s in addition to the $665 million they got for being ObamaCare navigators.

They’re at it again, this time in Arizona.

A Planned Parenthood counselor in Arizona intentionally miscoded a sexual assault as a consensual encounter to avoid the “hassle” of reporting it to authorities, months before other victims came forward to stop an alleged 18-year-old serial sex predator, a police report reveals.


They not only broke the law by not reporting the rape of the minor in question, they left a serial rapist on the street who attacked additional girls after this incident. They hauled out their tried and true excuse.

Planned Parenthood Arizona said in a statement they learned about the alleged misconduct from a member of the media, and immediately reached out to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department.

It said the organization is discussing the “puzzling” allegations with authorities, saying the incident, if true, would be a “serious violation” of its policies.

Patient health and safety is our top priority, and Planned Parenthood Arizona takes its role as a mandatory reporter of criminal activity very seriously, including screening for potential abuse, charting answers, and responding to indications of criminal behavior,” the statement said.

Planned Parenthood is a serial enabler of those who are violently assaulting girls and taxpayers are funding them so they can keep up the work.

If you’re looking for a War on Women, look no further than Planned Parenthood.

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