Never forget what a Commander-in-Chief looks like


President Obama spoke at West Point yesterday. He was received, well, politely.

CNN’s Jim Clancy said, “[It] probably, you know, wasn’t really a great speech to give at the U.S. Military Academy. It was a philosophical speech. It was not a commander-in-chief speaking to his troops. And you heard the reception. I mean, it was pretty icy.”

Charles Krauthammer: “I think the speech was literally pointless — it didn’t have a point, it was a defensive speech. It was an answer to the chorus of criticism, even from his side of the aisle, that it has been a weak, leaderless, rudderless foreign policy, which it has been.”

And he went on to note, “there was no response from any of the cadets — it was quiet as a mouse.”

The Daily Caller’s harsh words summed up your Curmudgeon’s thoughts perfectly.

That is what the military thinks of a president who abandons a Marine held in a Mexican prison for taking a wrong turn, neglects the VA, shuts out veterans from national memorials during shut-down theater, forces suicidal RoE, lies about Benghazi, takes full credit for killing Osama Bin Laden after preparing to blame the military if anything went wrong, and then leaks information that leads to Navy Seal deaths, and then sends their parents form-letter condolence notes signed with an auto-pen.

As a remembrance, we want to point out that West Pointers have not always reacted in this fashion to a Commander-in-Chief. We think, because of their job, they recognize a CinC when they see one.

Not much to add.

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