The NBA Cares? You’ve Been Played

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adam silverAttention – NBA players, rappers, Spike Lee, Oprah, Snoop and all other blacks on TV frothing at the prospect that the rich, old, white slave master Sterling will have his plantation taken away, his bank accounts drained and bull-whipped if at all possible?

You’ve been played.

The only thing that repulses me more than the bigoted, avaricious, perverted Donald Sterling and his whore are Commissioner Adam Silver, the NBA owners, the NBA community and the media.

These are the truly corrupt, devious and yes, racists, in this whole sham. Some background:

When Sterling’s whore first sought revenge and TMZ released the audio, what do you think was the subject of the first hurriedly assembled meeting of NBA owner’s, the Commish and other interested parties?

  1. How quickly to take away Donald Sterling’s NBA franchise?
  2. How much to fine Donald Sterling?
  3. How long should Donald Sterling be banned from the NBA?

If you answered 1, 2, or 3; then Jane – you’re an ignorant slut..

janeyTheir first order of business was… Wait for it: How to best placate NBA players, black celebrities, the liberal media and the African-American community. Why?

In order to avoid boycotts, walkouts, protests, or anything that might affect the TELEVISION REVENUE STREAM FROM THE NBA PLAYOFFS CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS!

Anyone who does not believe that is a dope. You deserve to live on planet Dopey in Dopistan in the city of Dopeville.


Think about it:

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has a law degree. He worked in litigation, politics, was a law clerk for a Federal Judge and the president of NBA entertainment before being unanimously selected by the NBA’s “Board of Governors” to be Commissioner of the NBA.

What I’m saying here is that Adam Silver is the man for the job. And the job is to keep the money flowing, friends. They decided to lie to you. As Carlin said; “Dishonesty is the Second-best policy..”

The Commish knows damn well those audio tapes are in violation of any number of California statutes, not to mention Sterling’s Civil Rights – and unless Barack Obama issued an Executive Order this morning I missed, they will not be admissible in a court of law.

Adam Silver knows that.

The NBA owners, the NBA community and the media know that. Pretty sure Mr. Silver is familiar with NBA bylaws as well – although Adam may have only glanced at them, I don’t know.

“You ladies want to go to The Clippers Game?” … Just two tickets Magic. Thanks. And don’t post this.

However, a careful look at the NBA’s bylaws includes ten very specific reasons that can justify the NBA “terminating an owner’s interest.”

Oddly enough, telling your whore she can; “have sex with blacks – just don’t post f’ing photos of yourself on Instagram or bring them to my games;” didn’t make the cut.

So forget about State or Federal Statute. The NBA lacks authority to take The LA Clippers away from Donald Sterling under their own frickin’ bylaws.

Adam Silver knows that. The NBA owners, the NBA community and the media know that.

The $2.5 million fine the Commissioner levied is whore fare to Sterling and the jokes about banning an 83-year-old for life began four seconds after Adam Silver doled out the sentence.

Taking the Clippers away from the racist was the big bundle of joy Silver delivered like Black Santa Claus. That was the genius and it’s been nothing but 24/7 victory laps since by people who seem to not know you can’t just take stuff from people because you find them repulsive.

fenderIf that were true I’d own Jonny Buckland‘s ’72 Fender.

I find it revealing that the NBA has now posted the bylaws on their website for all to see. “Hey – we tried to do the right thing, but the people way back wrote these racist by-laws and our hands are tied..”

“We’re going to do something moving, when the playoffs are over and we’re done counting the TV money… I mean, uh.. hey look – Jack Nicholson!”

The Clippers are owned by a Trust. Can a Trust be forced to sell the team because one member had his Fourth Amendment Rights violated and was recorded using racist words while talking to his whore? No.

Adam Silver knows that.

The NBA owners, the NBA community and the media know that.

By the way, note to NBA owners: Regular use of prostitutes while you’re married is cool with the NBA. And the media. And most black celebrities, I think. At least none of them mentioned anything. Just sayin’.

How many outs are there?

Poor Donald Sterling’s ex, Shelly Sterling – who is “working with the NBA” to rid them of Sterling is also a co-owner. She says she’s looking forward to making the Clippers great! But – she’s been caught making racist statements as well – Oops!

Adam Silver knows that.

The NBA owners, the NBA community and the media know that.

So the NBA Commissioner rushes out and makes his bold Donald Sterling death penalty and the media goes nuts praising him.

Black after black after player after rap artist after ex-player, then Spike Lee – who could forget Al Sharpton – falling all over themselves… It was a sad sham of a scam. So crafty and cagey.

Adam Fromal, National NBA Featured Colunmist pretty much summed up what the entire media had to say about the Commissioner’s performance: “Adam Silver faced his first crucial decision as the head of the Association.. Let’s just say he passed it with flying colors..”

LeBron James: “There’s no room in the NBA for bigotry..” Really? Been in a locker room? Ever?

And this: “I hope that every bigot in this country sees what happened to Mr. Sterling and recognizes that if he can fall, so can you;” said Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson – former NBA All-Star and NBA players union’s rep on this issue.. Wow.

So now every conversation deemed to be bigoted means having your property removed? Doesn’t the NSA have all our private phone calls, emails and texts recorded and stored? We have a lot of work ahead of us!

This isn’t about ridding the NBA of a racist or even purging a bad guy – Sterling is a dirtbag of the worst sort. But it’s his right to be as reprehensible as the next guy and the NBA knows it. They got together and decided what Adam Silver would say to make happy the people who could hurt their bottom line. It worked.

They know they couldn’t do to Donald Sterling what they puffed out their chests and decided from the get-go. It was a well thought out plan to smooth things over until a longer plan can be put in place – but more importantly: It stopped any talk or action which might imperil the televised financial bonanza which is the NBA Playoffs.

What an opportunity the black community wasted here: You could have stood up, condemned what Donald Sterling said – but defended his right to say it. You could have risen higher than the bigot Sterling – shown him you don’t care about his hate or his money and defended his Civil Rights so dearly fought for and won by blacks for themselves in the 60’s and 70’s.

The moment was right there for the taking – brilliant and defining – but instead you let a bunch of rich, old, scheming white guys play you. They used you for one thing and one thing only: Money.

To use the vernacular: It’s all about the benjamins.


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