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Michelle ObamaProgressives – led by Barack Obama – are changing the world. You may think they’ve got problems with the upcoming election, with ObamaCare, with the VA Hospital scandal, with the IRS, etc., etc., etc. You’d be wrong on that. Progressives, unlike conservatives, take the long view and stand by their principles no matter what. And because of that, they’re winning.

Case in point is Michelle Obama’s recent speech to high school graduates.

The first lady spoke on Friday to graduating high school students in Topeka, Kansas, and in remarks released over the weekend, Obama said students need to police family and friends because federal laws can only go so far in stopping racism.

Got that? Kids need to be on the front lines battling racism. For now. What’s next? Will your kids be reporting you for being a “global warming denier?” And just what should the students Mrs. Obama was speaking to do when they discover their family is – in their opinion – racist? Call the police? Which police? Is she laying the groundwork for establishment of the Thought Police?

We know, you think we’ve gone off the deep end. Maybe we have, but we’ve also lived long enough to see what everyone in the 60s and 70s think of as unthinkable come to pass. If you’re old enough, reflect on where “culture” has come from and what it is today. We’re not better for the wear.

Unthinkable, you’re saying. Our kids aren’t going to be turning us in to the police for our opinions. After all, we’ve got a Constitutional right to our opinions.

For now.

Senate Democrats are planning on introducing legislation to limit the First Amendment. Remember that the reason for the First Amendment was to protect the right of an individual to say what they believe. Even individuals who are batsh*t crazy (Al Sharpton, are you listening?) have the absolute right to say what they believe. Earlier liberal Supreme Court decisions have expanded the right of free speech to include using foul language in public, and now liberals (actually “progressives”) want to limit our ability to utter political speech. In other words, they’re up in arms that conservatives are criticizing the government. They were OK with criticizing the government when a Republican was President, then it was “speaking truth to power” and “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” but we don’t have a Republican President now.

Senate Democrats will schedule a vote this year on a constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance as they face tens of millions of dollars worth of attack ads from conservative groups.

Senate Democrats want to “repeal” the Citizen’s United decision that overturned the part of John McCain’s campaign finance “reform” that forbade corporations from paying for political ads. It opened the door to 501c4 organizations being able to buy TV time to mount issue campaigns against politicians and they’ll have none of it.


Koch Brothers!
The point here is that progressives are whittling away at our individual rights, and they’re doing it – of course – for the sake of the nation. The problem is, progressives consider “the nation” to be “the government,” not “the people.”
Be careful what you say around your kids, time marches on and the reeducation camps may just await you.

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