Mexican Army Invades US, Shoots Tucson Man

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I’ve been advocating that America brings our troops back from the Middle East and stations them along the US-Mexico border to stop the massive influx of illegal aliens. From this latest information, we need our troops along the border to keep the Mexican army from continually crossing into the United States.mexican army invades us

If you don’t believe the reports, just ask Tucson resident Javier Jose Rodriguez. In March of this year, he was visiting family in Sasabe, Arizona, about 30 miles west northwest of Nogales, along the Mexican border. Rodriguez had been drinking some beers early Saturday morning and was driving around the town when members of the Mexican army opened fire on him. He was shot in the arm and side, resulting in a three week stay in the University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson.

So far, Rodriguez’s medical bills total over $43,000. He says that as soon as he gets back to work he intends to pay them off. I think that the Mexican army should be forced to pay for all of his medical bills along with lost wages, pain and suffering. They should also face charges here in the US for their illegal actions.

In yet another incident from earlier this year, members of the Mexican army crossed into the US and drew their rifles on US Border Patrol agents. Sylvia Longmire, a border security analyst recently published a book titled Border Insecurity reported that members of the Mexican army claimed they were following drug traffickers and got lost, adding:

“However, I believe there was some confusion as to whether that’s what the Mexican Army was doing because there was no evidence found by the Border Patrol of any drug smugglers in the area.”

“From what I understand, this has happened hundreds of times before.”

In 2006, a Mexican army helicopter landed about 300 yards inside the US. There was no prior notice or request from them to enter the US to accomplish whatever their mission was.  Ronal Ayers, a resident of Arivaca, Arizona described the incident with the helicopter:

“A helicopter flew very low. Flew around behind the barn, landed and then several men got out all clad in black with masks over their face and body armor, carrying what looked to be full automatic weapons.”

Ayers said that after the incident he was interviewed by the FBI and Customs-Border Protection. After his interviews, he never heard another word about his brush with the Mexican army and their helicopter.

Information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveals that Mexican army troops have crossed into the US over 300 times in the past 18 years. It’s not just happening in Arizona, but in all of the border states.

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