May Primaries Are Consequential

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primariesThis merry month of May 12 states are holding primaries. The stakes are very high and could be quite consequential. There will definitely be changes to who is elected to seats in the House and Senate. The primaries include elections for 3 open US Senate seats in Georgia, Nebraska, and West Virginia. They also include elections for 11 open US House seats. These seats include Arkansas 2nd and 4th, Georgia 1st, 10th and 11th, North Carolina 6th and 7th, Pennsylvania 6th and 13th, Texas 36th, and West Virginia 2nd. More difficult, but delicious to consider, are the GOP incumbents who have a serious challenger in their primary.

Starting on Tuesday, May 6th are primaries in Indiana, North Carolina, and Ohio. Indiana and Ohio have no open US House seats or US Senate seats. The highest profile contest is Speaker Boehner in Ohio 8th. Another contest to take note of is in Ohio 14th where incumbent David Joyce has a serious challenger, Matt Lynch, who is receiving support from FreedomWorks. North Carolina has two open US House seats and a US Senate seat, and many candidates vying for the GOP nomination for US Senate. There will most likely be a July 15th runoff for the GOP senate nomination unless one candidate receives 40% of the vote in the primary. The immigration issue may loom large in North Carolina. The incumbent, Renee Ellmers, in North Carolina 2nd, is backed by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, and she faces a serious challenger, Frank Roche, who has a different position than her on immigration and the support of Richard Viguerie group, Conservative HQ. Thom Tillis, US Senate candidate, is supported by Jeb Bush, and candidate Dr. Greg Brannon is supported by FreedomWorks, Senator Mike Lee, and Senator Rand Paul.

On Tuesday, May 13th there are primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia. Nebraska and West Virginia both have an open Senate seat. There are no runoff primaries in these states. Nebraska GOP House incumbents all have primary challengers, but none of the challengers have big money supporters. The GOP incumbent in West Virginia’s 1st has no primary challenger. The contest getting the most attention is the Nebraska GOP Senate race between Ben Sasse and Shane Osborn.

On Tuesday, May 20th there are primaries in Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. The most watched contest will the the Kentucky GOP primary contest between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevins. Matt Bevins is supported by FreedomWorks and Madison Project. The GOP incumbent, Mike Simpson, in Idaho 2nd has a serious primary challenger, Bryan Smith. Bryan Smith is supported by Freedom Works, Madison Project, and Conservative HQ. The GOP incumbent, Bill Shuster, in Pennsylvania 9th has a serious primary challenger, Art Halvorson. Art Halvorson is supported by Madison Project.

On Tuesday, May 27th there is a runoff primary in Texas for the 4th congressional district between incumbent GOP Ralph Hall and challenger John Ratcliffe. Age may be a consideration for the voters in this district. Ralph Hall is 91 and John Ratcliffe is 48.

If you live in one of these 12 states then please do not succumb to apathy and indifference. Stop sitting on the couch watching and waiting for the latest soap-opera script that has replaced news and get to the polls to vote. Bring like-minded voters along with you. Your vote does matter. We can’t allow Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and Jeb Bush to choose the GOP nominees. Conservatives can win nominations if enough voters participate in the primaries.

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