John Kerry, Secretary of Stupid ** UPDATE **

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Earlier we reported on the abject stupidity of John Kerry’s comment about Israel being an apartheid state. We also noted that he was spewing righteous indignation at the idea that he’s anti-Semitic because he cast votes as a Senator “in support of Israel.” He didn’t mention that those votes were always part of a larger package like voting for an omnibus foreign aid measure.

James Taranto, in the Wall St. Journal, drives a stake through the heart of that feeble argument.

“I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone,” John Kerry pronounced in a press statement yesterday. Far be it from us to defy an order from the secretary of state. It is clear to us, however, that there is something to which Kerry’s commitment is far deeper.

On Friday the secretary spoke to what the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin characterizes as “a room of influential world leaders in a closed-door meeting” of the Trilateral Commission. “The secretary of state said that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become ‘an apartheid state,’ like the old South Africa,” Rogin reported, citing a recording of the talk “obtained” by the Beast.


Was Kerry’s reference to “apartheid” just a careless choice of words? That’s unlikely. Byers reports that Joseph Nye, North American chairman of the Trilateral Commission, sent Kerry a letter profusely apologizing: “I am very distressed that Mr. Rogin somehow gained entrance to the meeting room but also that he blatantly ignored the clearly stated rules we had established and under which you agreed to appear before the Commission. His actions tarnish the Commission’s excellent reputation for honoring this pledge and that of all those who attended the session and did keep it.”

The purpose of granting such an assurance of confidentiality is to encourage candor. And it is hard to believe that Kerry would be especially careless in his choice of words before such an eminent audience.

There’s a bottom line to all of this. Kerry is delivering on the administration’s overt anti-Semitism behind what they thought were “closed doors.” More of that transparency stuff.

This begins to look like a protection racket. Kerry warned the Israelis that if they don’t accede to his demands, other countries will take action to stigmatize Israel. Last week, in a closed-door meeting with leaders from other countries, he invoked a slur that Israel’s enemies have employed for decades to stigmatize the Jewish state. If he was making a threat in February, he was attempting to carry it out last week.

There are actually two theories for this.

The first is that Kerry is simply promoting the administration’s anti-Semitic policies. The second is that Kerry wants his own Nobel Peas Prize, and the President would probably like another one. Michelle can use the money. Theresa doesn’t need it.

Or there’s our thought that it’s a combination of the two.

John Kerry is, and always has been, a vain and despicable man. He’s just getting a national stage to show it off.


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