Joe The Plumber Responds to Critics of Letter to Parents of Shooting Victims

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McCain Campaigns On Final Week Before Presidential ElectionSamuel Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe The Plumber,” wrote; “Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights” in response to the media’s exploitation of the Elliot Rodger mentally insane murder rampage and after a firestorm of hate and vitriolic criticism – he’s hitting right back – albeit, a smidgeon softer.

He’s not backing off his statement, claiming he was misquoted, or reworking a thing. In fact, during several radio and television interviews – Wurzlebacher doubled-down on the quote in question and elaborated.

Here’s one of them – with Scott Sands, afternoon host of “The Scott Show” in Ohio:

Bottom line? Elliot Rodger was more than confused. He was criminally insane and went on a killing spree, the details of which you’ve heard enough about – even though you’ve heard a whole lotta false nonsense from the mainstream news. Their playbook is simple: Identify a crisis and then quickly label the mentally insane perpetrator as conservative, Republican, Tea Party, Pro-gun, extremist (or all of the above).

961101_1427562960846975_466353279_nThey can then, with a big assist from their accomplices in the media, exploit the pain and grief of the victims to further restrict the Second Amendment Rights of lawful gun owners and all Americans.

The question is: Where do you draw the line?

The answer from Joe Wurzlebacher is you don’t draw the line – our Founding Father’s already did.


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