Joe the Plumber Fights Fire with Fire [VIDEO]

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McCain Campaigns On Final Week Before Presidential ElectionSamuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the Tea-Party star better known as Joe The Plumber, has a message for the parents of victims of tragic gun violence in America: Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights. Wurzelbacher wrote the open letter after Richard Martinez, the father of a victim in the Isla Vista rampage, made headlines when he offered a heart-rending response to the rampage. Wurzelbacher argues that emotions following mass-shooting tragedies shouldn’t prompt anyone to reinterpret the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.


I expect that from a media which is clearly playing for one side: The Democrats, President Obama and the Left’s agenda – including, in a big way – the push to eliminate your Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Their playbook is simple: Identify a crisis and then quickly label the mentally insane perpetrator as conservative, Republican, Tea Party, Pro-gun, extremist (or all of the above).

They can then, with a big assist from their accomplices in the media, exploit the pain and grief of the victims to further restrict the Second Amendment Rights of lawful gun owners and all Americans.

Examples Of The Tolerant Left **Graphic**


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