Israeli Spy Caught in Al Gore’s Bathroom: This is Not a Joke.

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alThe Secret Service caught a spy from Israel hiding in the air duct above Al Gore’s bathroom, but it was hushed up and kept from the public.

This is no joke, although it sounds like a setup for Late Nite comedy – amazingly, it’s true. I’m not going to say that Al Gore has secrets with National Security implications in his john – but apparently Israel believed at some point the Guru of Global Warming was hiding something in there.

Hat tip: Haaretz

Just days after Newsweek quoted senior U.S. intelligence officials as saying that Israeli espionage operations in the United States have “gone too far,” the online magazine revealed more details of such “aggressive operations” and how they were “hushed up.”


An article by Jeff Stein that was published on Thursday describes a scene that could have easily belonged in a spy movie (or, for that matter, a spy movie spoof): An Israeli spy hiding in the air duct in Al Gore’s bathroom in 1998.


According to a former U.S. intelligence operative quoted in the article, a Secret Service agent who was using the then-vice president’s restroom heard a metallic sound coming from the vent above him. “And then he sees a guy starting to exit the vent into the room,” the official says, adding that after the agent coughed, the guy went back into the vents.”


Such incidents, claims the new report, were hushed up for one reason: The transgressor was Israel.

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For their part, Israeli intelligence experts deny Newsweek claims operatives would entice U.S. officials with women and drugs to find their weak spots… you gotta wonder at this point just what Al Gore’s weak spot might be?

Now, let the jokes fly:

Does Al Gore stand up or sit down when he reveals National Security secrets?

The Israeli spy only found out Al Gore’s an old fart

Al Gore’s response? Shit happens.


Israeli’s spy program flush with information on Gore

This story smells funny

Israel Spies on U.S. #2 Man





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