Islamic Court Orders Death to Pregnant Christian

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sudanAn Islamic court in Sudan has issued a despicable sentence: The pregnant wife of an American citizen living in Sudan has been found “guilty of apostasy” because she refuses to renounce Christianity.

But I remind you, that Islam is a lovely, peaceful religion.. yep. You know why this kind of crap happens? Because these turds are a pack of turds? Well, yeah – but I’m trying to make the point that they’re emboldened because it’s Christians who are lovely and peaceful – that’s why.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim was abandoned by her Muslim father at an early age, then raised by her Christian mother. She is not and has never been Muslim. Apostasy, really?

Her husband is calling on Americans to rally support for overturning the court’s order. But this is the age of tolerance, of understanding and acceptance. American workers are being trained in Muslim practices so they can improve customer service toward Muslim shoppers; American students are attending organized assemblies to gain an understanding of their Muslim classmates.

While we’re teaching kids how Muslims are great, they’re busy learning how Christians are bad:

Yes, we’re derided as violent, ugly people in the media day in and day out – but it’s only because we don’t turn around and cut your head off, fly planes into your building or walk women into your cafe booby-trapped (he-he, see what I did there?) with dynamite and that gives people the balls to constantly attack Christians in America.

You think Sarah “I would kill Christ again” Silverman, Jon “The Vagina Mary” Stewart, Kathy “Suck it, Jesus” Griffin would bang on Islam similarly? Now that’s a laugh. I don’t blame them a bit – they’d get their heads literally torn off. But has one of them received so much as a scratch from Christians? Well, maybe Ann Coulter ripped Bill Maher a new asshole a few times – but outside of that – all safe and sound Christian bashing continues.

My point here is not that their comedy should be muzzled – hell no – if it’s funny, it’s funny. The point is these freaks only attack the nice folks who would never harm them: Christians.

Don’t make me list the constant TV Shows mocking Christians and Christianity, okay? They got this thing now called, “Google.” Insert,  “The New Normal” and “Good Christian Bitches” – a couple of Big Three network shows for starters. Which outlet would dare mock Islam or even have a bad Muslim character? When “SouthPark” did one solitary episode satirizing Muslim terrorists – Comedy Central and the show’s creators were credibly threatened with bombings and death to the point where they had to go into hiding and have FBI protection.

You think they ever did it again? Back to mocking Christians, I guess – hey – they won’t hurt us!

Not too long ago, it was widely reported when some vicious wannabe named  Laura Levites Tweeted that she wanted to castrate every male conservative Christian. Do you think for a millisecond this miscreant would even anonymously say the same about Islam? No way. She knows exactly the treatment she’d receive if somehow she was found out. Do I need to say she would have her smelly little Tweet cut out, her face splattered with acid – her throat slit from ear to ear after being gang-raped by the lovely and peaceful targets of her “comedic Tweets?”

sudan2But she never paused for a moment to Tweet her vile Tweets against Christians because she knows she’s safe. They’re nice people that wouldn’t do her harm no matter what she says about them. It’s a fact known to all. Ironic, eh?

A global indoctrination is occurring–has been occurring for years as the age of tolerance advances. There is no end to the rant about tolerance . . . for alternative lifestyles, and religious and cultural beliefs.

Turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear to moral offenses. Isn’t that the chilling message of those who preach tolerance?

Hat hip: Christianity Today

Update (May 15): Given until today to recant her faith by a Sudanese court, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim instead declared she remained a Christian at today’s hearing. The judge at the Public Order Court in El Haj Yousif Khartoum then confirmed her sentence of 100 lashes for adultery and death by hanging for apostasy.


“I am a Christian, and I have never been a Muslim,” Ibrahim told the judge after a Muslim scholar spent 40 minutes persuading her to recant, reports Morning Star News, which first broke the news of Ibrahim’s case. In response, the judge told her, “The court has sentenced you to be hanged till you are dead.”

Christian Solidarity Worldwide confirmed the death sentence in the case drawing international attention, calling the ruling a “violation of the Sudanese Constitution and of international conventions to which Sudan is party.”

sudan3The facts speak for themselves. Reliable estimates indicate that anywhere from 100-200 million Christians are persecuted every year; one Christian is martyred every five minutes.

Approximately 85% of this persecution occurs in Muslim majority nations. In 1900, 20% of the Middle East was Christian. Today, less than 2% is.

It is, of course, preposterous to tolerate the killing of a person over their choice of religion. But wouldn’t it be intolerant to object to the laws of the Sudanese government? Don’t they have a right to impose judgment upon their citizens according to the laws of their land?

No, they don’t. Moral outrage is in order. Citizens of the world should declare, with a forceful outcry, how completely intolerable is this sentence upon a Christian woman.

It’s time, not to turn the other cheek, but to object loudly in unison against barbaric acts of persecution and terrorism. Remember the holocaust? Remember the Twin Towers? Of course you do.



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